Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 blizzard #2

All this snow has allowed for me to catch up somewhat with the blog. More pictures of all the critters!

The condition I found the hoop house in this afternoon where some of the chickens are living this winter.

Blu, Lolabelle, and Clover

Daisy and Adzuki

Pinto and Rocky

Rocky Crockett the IV

Yep, been some quiet.

Apple Creek Farm has been dang busy the last 4+ months. The last of the hay was put up, firewood split and more cut for next year, the calves are growing great, all but 8 of the lambs have been sent off for customer orders, the rams have been in with the ewes, and Repeat, the bull, was here visiting the cows. It's gonna be a full house in 2011. Here are some pictures from the late summer and fall, a sight for sore eyes what with all our current January weather.

Grazing the North Field in of the cows favorite pastimes.

Abby and I also spent a good deal of time working on projects at her farm in Unity. A new movable chicken coop, permanent fencing, and a lean-to off her barn were the three major things we checked off the list.