Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Jimoo was the first to go into labor. She had twins, TWINS! a rare thing for beef cows. The first was practically dead when she was born but after 36 hours of intensive care by all of us she made it through and is now super frisky. The little black and white one came out moments after the little brown girl. No problems with her. The sisters like to sleep next to each other and run in circles.

Arek and I helping Pete to get the calf breathing again

Jimoo cleaning up the second born. She was up in a matter of minutes while the rest of us still raced to save the first born.

Dr. Eli checking on the little brown calf the day after

Here are pictures of the all the calves. Lolabelle's girl is named Bluebell, but Lu or Blue for short.

Clover had a bull calf (as I predicted). His name is still to be determined.

The twins...

more Blue...

Late July

This rainy day has allowed for many indoor things to get accomplished.

Here are some pictures from July here on the farm. Okra is planted in the hoop house along with sweet potatoes this year. We've been eating fried and steamed okra for weeks and no end in sight!

The garlic harvest.

Jimoo trying to keep the flies away with some hay on her back. Both she and Clover are getting bigger...calves to come in August.

Finally a rainy day to update the blog.

Right at the end of July Abby and I processed the broilers on the farm. It was a beautiful morning for it, not a cloud in the sky. The afternoon was spent baling hay and loading it in the barn.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lambs in the clover

June 17th the lambs went to their "summer camp" in East Bowdoinham. They all seem very happy and growing well in the great pastures over there.


Monday, June 21, 2010

This was May...

Additionally we cut hay from fields almost two months earlier than we normally do...this spring was the real deal.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A real spring

Since the last post things have been busy...lambs comin' out our ears. And it hasn't been much of a Mud Season this spring. More like a real spring.

Flowers coming up, leaves popping, garlic and asparagus are up, and the spinach and arugula in the hoop house are thick!

The lambs are growing great, racing around in packs, annoying their mothers, and getting to know the cows.

These guys are lazing around on a 70 degree spring afternoon.